Medgine is among the rare and necessary category of artist who understands the inextricable relationship between a poet’s life and a poet’s words. Therefore, in the act of sharing her poetry, she presents a vulnerable and sincere version of her very self. Her work avoids static or edict-filled representations of spirituality and faith, eschewing them for a poetics that shows her to be a true and devoted seeker of humility, understanding and fully-embodied love.

Her poems and delicately-rendered psalms exist not only to chart her own spiritual journey, but also to present to readers and listeners a version of human beauty and strength that is aware of its Divine origins and, nonetheless, the struggles inherent to the narrow path of faith.

It would be possible for anyone who is familiar with Medgine’s poetic work, to come away impressed by the consistent cleverness and elasticity of her language, it would be possible, too, to call Medgine a noteworthy artist because of the depth of subject matter she is consistently willing to explore in all aspects of her creative writing. However, Medgine’s work is special for more than these reasons alone. There is, within the intent and expression of Medgine Mathurin’s writing, an underlying sense of poetry as gift, as offering, as honest and living token of humanity, shared. This sense of a poem, and indeed, a poet, as a special entity worthy of sharing for the sake of truth, love and revelation, seems to underscore all of Medgine Mathurin’s best work. It is in this generosity of spirit, and in the rendering of poetry as but one honest articulation of a dynamic and sublime journey, that this Haitian-Canadian poet finds the deepest reservoir of strength and meaning: the poems are stepping-stones, works-in-progress, and declarations of the ever-evolving beauty that exists within each and every one of us–including Medgine herself.

Medgine Mathurin has shared her work across Canada and has had the pleasure of performing in Trinidad. She has represented  Edmonton at the 2012 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word and has been a featured performer at the prestigious Edmonton Poetry Festival. In 2014, she opened for the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean at the Inaugural Launch of the Michaëlle Jean Canadian Caribbean African Diasporic Studies Lecture series, as part of the Department of Educational Policy Studies at the University of Alberta. She is the 2016 recipient of the Fil Fraser Award for outstanding work in literary performing and visual arts. Currently, she is one of the editors of the nationally-distributed  From The Root Zine, which explores matters of identity, consciousness and resilience from the perspective of black womanhood. Also, an artist in residence at the McLuhan House in Edmonton as part of the Black Girl Magic artistic collective.